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Working with Communities - Building Effective Coastal Conservation and Sustainable Resource Management Partnerships


Responding to change: Expediting and scaling up integrated approaches for sustainable coastal resource management that improve livelihoods and food security for coastal and small scale fishing communities. 

Key messages: 

  • Gaining an understanding of the community and other stakeholders will help ensure that there is broad support and effective engagement in the planning, implementation and long-term management phases of a project
  • Active and meaningful participation from the community and other stakeholders in management planning and conservation decision-making is crucial to success
  • Building trust and mutual respect based on transparency and accountability of roles and responsibilities is central to strong partnerships
  • Embracing a strong culture of long-term commitment to a community partnership is crucial to building a successful project and developing the capacity needed to sustain conservation and resource management outcomes
  • Empowering women, youth and minority groups to participate in developing community-based conservation and resource management plans can improve sharing of benefits, ensure better compliance with rules and promote harmony and sustainability
  • Integrating traditional knowledge, rights and cultural management practices with science-based fisheries solutions may strengthen governance and improve acceptance of management measures.