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community development

Sustainable fisheries financing strategies: Save the oceans feed the world project

Bunaken National Park (BNP) in Sulawesi, Indonesia represents an interesting case study of a medium- sized (89,000 hectares), tropical developing country MPA that is currently forging ahead with a plan to diversify its funding portfolio in the hopes of securing sustainable financing for its management and conservation activities. BNP was established in 1991, and encompasses five islands, two separate mainland sections and 22 villages with approximately 30,000 residents.

WWF and Blue Economies in the Coral Triangle: Developing and Demonstrating Blue Economies for Sustainable Development and Profitable Resource Use in the Region

This discussion paper describes the approach of WWF in the Coral Triangle and specifically the aim of integrating conservation with sustainable development objectives towards what we call a "blue economy". 

Blue Carbon: A new concept for reducing the impacts of climate change by conserving coastal ecosystems in the Coral Triangle

This repport is aimed at politicians, governments, businesses and organisations that influence the development of policies and strategies in climate change mitigation and adaptation, poverty alleviation, natural resource use, biodiversity conservation and economics. It's aim is to stimulate discussion and debate on how to promote and utilise healthy coastal ecosystems and the valuable benefits they provide to support a sustainable and more climate resilient future for communities within the Coral Triangle. 

Climate change adaption for Coral Triangle Communities: A Guide for Vulnerability Assessment and Local Early Action Planning (LEAP Guide)

The LEAP Guide is organized into four major steps to support the integration of planned adaptation within the context of existing development objectives and plans and ongoing projects and programs. Intended users include national and local governments, marine and coastal managers, disaster managers, and community development practitioners who work with coastal communities on a wide range of development issues such as food security, health, biodiversity conservation, and economic development. Each step is illustrated with community examples from the Coral Triangle.