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Project Ocean: Can we save our seas?

What can we do to stop the destruction of our oceans & all of the amazing animals that call them home? In this HD video (in association with Selfridges, Greenpeace, ZSL, Marine Conservation Society, Pew Environment Group and ClientEarth), we bring you the shocking facts about the effects of overfishing on marine environments. We need to take action now to protect the diversity of our oceans and prevent them from turning into 'jellyfish soup'. 

Towards more Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean (Video)

This video shares the objectives and strategies of the MedPAN South Project; a 4-year collaborative project (2008-2012) aimed at improving the management effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the south and east of the Mediterranean and supporting the creation of new ones. Led by WWF Mediterranean, it partners with more than 20 national and international organisations to deliver an ambitious programme of support for the MPAs and rele

Marine Protected Areas succeed with community support (Video)

This video of RARE shows their MPA strategy in Southeast Asia: "Fisheries collapse is a threat facing most fishing communities in Southeast Asia. Communities can reduce this threat by establishing marine protected areas, portions of the sea where fishing is prohibited, that then improve fish stocks which spill over outside the area. Rare trains and works with local conservation leaders to help engage their communities to reduce threats to their environment.

El Criadero - The Breeding Ground (Video)

This video is part of the project ‘The Galapagos Marine Reserve from a tuna fisheries’ perspective’. This project shows the changed perspectives of industrial tuna fishermen in Manta, Ecuador, on the Galapagos Marine Reserve (GMR). The short documentary emphasizes the life of one fisher’s family and how this is socially and economically by the establishment of the GMR. The conclusion is that the MPA is perceived as a ‘criadero’: a nursery that supports the tuna fishery. Besides two videos, the second one having a more technical approach, the project also produced a report.

Vibrant Oceans: A partnership to rebuild fish populations

The Bloomberg Philanthropies Vibrant Oceans Initiative is the largest philanthropic commitment to internationally reform fisheries management. This effort will help Brazil, Chile and the Philippines sustainably manage their fisheries, enhance food security and strengthen local communities. Vibrant Oceans’ groundbreaking approach to fisheries reform has the potential to be scaled to other parts of the world, and to substantially change the way coastal communities and the fishing industry operate.

Blue Ventures Conservation - Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship 2015

In this video, the Skoll Foundation visits Alasdair Harris of Blue Ventures in Madagascar, where he is building sustainable coastal communities. This video debuted on the big screen at the 2015 Skoll Awards Ceremony, April 16, 2015, before Alasdair went on stage to receive his award from Skoll Foundation Founder and Chairman Jeff Skoll and President and CEO Sally Osberg.Ten years ago, in a coastal village in Madagascar, Alasdair tested an elegantly simple model that put Blue Ventures on the map.