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MPA X-ray: Assessment of Portuguese Marine Protected Areas

Bárbara Horta e Costa

The report: 

• Summarises information about all national, regional and local MPAs, particularly their area, purposes, and allowed activities.
• Estimates the number of MPAs, their percentage of coverage and types of protection (following two types of MPA classification) by region (Mainland, Azores and Madeira) and area (territorial sea: up to 12mn; EEZ: from 12 to 200mn; extended shelf area: beyond 200mn).
• Focuses on MPA governance, since this is an essential issue for an efficient and effective implementation of MPAs. The report analyses the entities responsible for MPAs and how the sharing of responsibilities between entities is processed. For this, information on the most relevant legislation was collected through informal contacts with the entities and a questionnaire.
• Presents a set of recommendations that contribute to improving the efficiency of existing and future MPAs.
• Focuses on MPAs from the MPA national network, but the recommendations are applicable to other classified areas, particularly to the Natura 2000 Network that is currently a European priority.