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The role of coral triangle initiative on coral reefs, fisheries, and food securities in Indonesia's environmental conservation

P P Linggi and A Burhanuddin

This study elaborates on the role of CTI-CFF in dealing with marine ecosystem conservation issues in Indonesia. The results point out that the CTI-CFF's role in Indonesia's conservation efforts include three CFF aspects: food security, fisheries and coral reef conservation. The CTI-CFF program on coral reef issues is CTI-COREMAP and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and its Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) program focuses on fisheries. National action plans were implemented through various conservation initiatives that have had significant sustainable impacts on the environment and societies. In Indonesia, CTI-CFF has an important role in the implementation of the strategies of regional action plans, after which these strategies are adopted in national plans of action. For this paper, these plans have been analysed to measure the involvement of CTI-CFF in Indonesia's marine conservation efforts.